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Bicipital Tendonitis

Bicipital Tendonitis occurs as a result of inflammation in the biceps tendon. The Biceps tendon has two heads, one of which passes through the subacromial space in the shoulder. Inflammation in the tendon where it passes through the subacromial space leads to inflammation in the shoulder that compresses the subacromial space. This results in pain that is very similar to what is felt in Shoulder Impingement Syndrome. People experiencing Shoulder Impingement often have some degree of Bicipital Tendonitis as well. Common symptoms of Biciptal Tendonitis is pain in the shoulder when moving the arm into an overhead position and anterior (front) shoulder pain.
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What happens when the biceps tendon and shoulder are inflamed?

When the biceps tendon and shoulder become inflamed this can create shoulder impingement over time. The result of shoulder impingement is the compression of structures such as the rotator cuff tendon, shoulder bursa and biceps tendon. The compression leads to further damage such as tears or fraying of the rotator cuff and can lead to serious conditions such as full thickness Rotator Cuff tears and a condition known as Frozen Shoulder.

How do I manage Biceps Tendonitis?

Here are a few things you can do to help manage your Bicipital Tendonitis:

  • Reduce inflammation: The use of anti-inflammatories and ice. (we sell a product that can help ice the shoulder – Learn More)
  • Avoid Activities that aggravate the condition
  • Avoid overhead activities

If you have shoulder pain you should see your Doctor, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Registered Massage Therapist to have the condition assessed so that you can have your condition explained and treated, preventing further damage.

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