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Good health is priceless. With that in mind we should all be striving to improve our health using any opportunity available to us. With that in mind here are five easy things you can do to instantly improve your health.

1. Get a check up from your Doctor: Getting a yearly checkup from your Doctor is a good way to catch any small problems before they become large problems. By getting regular checkups your Doctor gets to know you and your body and when something abnormal shows up they can catch it before it becomes a bigger issue. If you only see your Doctor when things are wrong it is more difficult for them to know your body and catch things early on. This is covered under medical so there is no real excuse not to be getting a yearly checkup.

2. Begin an exercise program: While at your Doctors office getting your checkup you should ask him/her about whether you are fit to begin a general exercise program. Exercise has an enormous amount of benefits both physical and psychological that everyone can benefit from. It is a good way to reduce stress, improve your health and to decrease the risk of certain medical conditions.

3. Change your diet: Most people are adverse to change, its hard and we don’t like it. That being said, small changes lead to big changes and can be accomplished relatively easily. Most of us don’t need a nutritionist or dietician to tell us our worst nutrition habits, we know them already. So pick 1 thing, just 1 thing to begin with, that you know you do that is unhealthy. Maybe its the amount of sugar your eat in a day, the amount of prepackaged foods, the amount of salt you consume, whatever it is choose one way to improve it. For example, say your diet is high in sugar and you want to consume less, have one less spoon or packet in your morning coffee. Or if you are looking to decrease your salt intake, choose items that are low in salt. Whatever you choose make sure it is realistic and achievable and start creating some change!

4. Take a multivitamin: While ideally we would get all our vitamins and minerals from natural sources, it is rare that people intake the proper amounts. This is in large part because our diets usually center around the same foods. By the time we are adults we have developed our tastes and chosen foods that we enjoy. Chances are if you looked at all your grocery receipts over the past year many of the same foods would be on each one. The relevance of this is if your diet is short in any vitamins or minerals it is likely to remain that way. A multivitamin is a good way to ensure that you have all the necessary vitamins and minerals for your body to function at it’s best.

5. Listen to your body: Many of us are guilty of ignoring our bodies cries for help and pushing ourselves until our body says no more. This happens at work, in sport, in the garden and pretty much everywhere else. Every time we injure ourselves we are creating damage that will come back to haunt us as we age. It is also costly as we sometimes need to take time off work, or seek treatment for our pain. Instead, space out your activities to allow your body the necessary time to rest, use proper posture to avoid unnecessary stress on your muscles and joints and when in need seek treatment from your Registered Massage Therapist, Chiropractor or Physiotherapist early on.

Get started on these five things and your body will thank you!!!

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