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Find Your Balance

The importance of staying active, maintaining a healthy body and preventative treatment is often overlooked. This isn’t a sales line, this is the truth. Many of through commitments we have made to work, friends and/or family leave precious little time and or money for ourselves. Think about the average parent, they work full time to support their family, they take their kids to whichever sports/activities they are involved in, making the time to spend 1 on 1 time with their partner while also completing the necessary tasks around the house. It’s no wonder that many of us put off going to the gym as we dedicate our time to these other things.

Life is about balance. Without balance ultimately we fail, this is in all aspects, whether it be relationships, work, or in sport. When we sacrifice to much we lose something that can affect us both physically and mentally. This is why it is important for us to make time for ourselves. Health and physical fitness are two things that are so important to having a balanced life but we routinely sacrifice these things.

Think about the construction worker going to work. He or she needs tools, not broken, rusty or dull tools but proper functioning tools. They need protection such as a hard hat, safety vest and steel toed boots. If any of these things are broken or inadequate they replace them because these items are needed. But when it comes to our body we are hesitant to make time, spend money and will put off treatment of minor injuries to try and soldier through life. Here’s the problem your body is your MOST important tool! It is not easily fixed, cannot be replaced and you use it ALL the time. What good is saving $40 dollars on a gym membership if your just putting it back into anti inflammatory drugs. What good is spending time with your family if you are in a bad mood because the entire time you are exhausted and in pain?

Engaging in a regular fitness program can have a profound affect your health, both physical and mental. It can strengthen muscles, reduce muscle fatigue and pain, lower injury risk and increase energy levels. It can lead to positive changes in self confidence, body image and hormonal balance. This will help you both at work and at home. By being stronger and less prone to fatigue/pain your job performance increases. By having energy when you get home, being pain free and an improved mental state your relationships will benefit and you will find time with friends and loved ones more enjoyable.

In regards to muscle pain/fatigue and headaches brought on by work or stress, preventative treatment from your practitioner, whether that be a Massage Therapist or Chiropractor can help you not only feel better, but save you money. Instead of spending money on painkillers and waiting until your pain is simply to much to handle, seeking treatment early on can help reduce your symptoms but also avoid further injury, decreasing treatment time, the number of treatments you need and ultimately the amount of money you pay.

Making time for family and loved ones is important, but you must also make time for yourself. Find your balance, whatever that may be and do what you need to do to maintain it. By staying healthy, giving your body the maintenance that it needs and not putting your needs on the back burner you will be improving your life and the lives of the people you are connected to.

To your Success,

Nanaimo Personal Trainer, Keegan Marshall

Keegan Marshall CPT, CES

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