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Working in the gym I see a wide range of postural deviations and movement compensations. Anyone who has worked with me knows that I try to address these compensations while helping clients reach their fitness goals. I wanted to write this article to help the clients of Pure Integrated Training and the patients of Pure Body Balance understand a little better why we place an emphasis on this.

Who has seen this guy?

Nanaimo Massage Therapist
The answer is we all have. We see him at our work, our school, our home or out at the local coffee shop. When we look at him from this side we can see his head and neck are starting to migrate forward, and his shoulders are starting to round forward. This is a very typical posture we see in lots of people from many different lines of work. The problem is for most of us we never look at ourselves from this angle. We may look at ourselves in a mirror but we are looking from a frontal view. The only time we really look at a side view of ourselves is when we are trying on clothes. This means we never see that we are sitting or standing in this position. The reason this is important is because if we maintain this posture throughout the day our body begins to adapt and change and the posture becomes worse.

The amazing thing about the human body is its ability to compensate. It compensates automatically, in many cases without us realizing any changes are taking place. If you have an injured ankle for example, you will automatically begin to bare more weight on the unaffected side, this causes the ankle, knee, hip, etc. on the unaffected side to begin to carry more load putting it under increased stress, which leads to an increased risk of injury. Meanwhile, due to the body compensating and shifting weight, muscles and connective tissue structures on the affected side begin to see their physiologic limit lower (amount of force a muscle can absorb before it becomes injured) leading to weakness in that side of the body. Once the ankle issue is resolved the body will continue to compensate, it is now out of balance and is selecting an altered movement pattern to compensate. The thing about change in the human body is over time changes can become permanent, increased stress and thus injuries can lead to arthritic changes that further alter a persons ability to move pain free, play sports or even do activities they normally do in their day to day life.

Our Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractor  and Personal Trainers want to help you improve your quality of life. We want to relieve not only your pain, but address the underlying causes that contribute to your condition. As part of this goal we are unveiling the Pure Posture Program. This program allows us to show you the forces that are acting on your body, the compensations that they are creating and how those compensations will affect your body over time. By taking your picture from the front and side views, then putting it through our computer program we can calculate postural deviations, the amount of stress (in pounds) that it is placing on certain areas of the body and show you where your center of gravity currently is. The pictures below are of an actual assessment, this assessment is printed out allowing you to track your progress over time to ensure that your treatment and exercise plan is working.

Normal Posture

Current Posture

Future Compensations

Stress Report

As part of our continuing effort to provide the best treatment for patients, until October 15th we are going to offer the first posture assessment for free. This assessment will be performed by our Corrective Exercise Specialist and the results will be shared with you and your practitioner. To schedule your free assessment please contact us for available times.



Keegan Marshall CPT, CES


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