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Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy is a natural form of medical care that incorporates various therapeutic techniques, such as Swedish, Trigger Point Release, deep tissue and Myofascial Release. Our Registered Massage Therapists years of experience allow you to feel confident with receiving the best care.

A positive touch is most important in all aspects of life. Some of the benefits of massage include; increasing mobility and function, improving circulation, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and relief of pain; stiffness and discomfort. Not all the benefits of massage are physical.

Patients will experience a decrease in anxiety, reducing fatigue, enhancing sleep quality and overall concentration. Deep breathing and focusing on yourself will allow the massage to increase its benefits and help you with your day, week and overall health!

Replace your daily bad habits with positive posture to keep your tissue happy and healthy! Having a balanced body allows you to feel taller, smarter and happier!

As Registered Massage Therapists we provide treatment using many proven techniques.


Nanaimo Massage Therapy

Trigger Point Release

I have a knot between my shoulders!” “My headache is over my right eye…help!”

Trigger-point-therapy: Trigger points are the usual cause of pain either localized to the direct tissue, or can refer symptoms to other areas of the body. With direct pressure applied to the precise muscle tissue, relief of symptoms by retraining tissue to original form.

Trigger points can be latent (restricting) or active (painful and limiting), when receiving regular maintenance treatments it allows the latent trigger points to be released without becoming active… no kinks in your neck!

Nanaimo Massage Therapy for plantar fasciitis

Myofascial Release

“Plantar fasciitis restricts me from running!”

MyoFascia is a connective tissue surrounding and supporting all other tissues head to toe, which gathers and adheres in areas of increased tension.
By stretching the fascia with releasing the bonds between fascia, integument, and muscles with objective of eliminating symptoms and increasing range of motion. The technique is applied with shear compressions or tension in various directions, and most uncomfortable skin rolling!

Nanaimo Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

“I could just fall asleep…..”

Swedish Massage: Most known and enjoyed are the five styles of Swedish massage. With its long gliding strokes and kneading deep into the tissue, leading to more precise frictions on the specific muscle fibers, and gentle shaking techniques and cover most basic modalities for every treatment.allowing you to excel with your goals

Nanaimo Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

“A great way to help you relax.”

Prenatal-Massage: Massage is beneficial during all stages of pregnancy! By using a specialized pregnancy pillow, women can lay on the stomach comfortably and receive treatment just as if they weren’t pregnant!

Nanaimo Massage Therapist

Sports Massage

“Is gardening a sport?”

Sports Massage: Pre and post treatment plans are individually created for any athlete. Performing your best, is a goal achieved with balancing primary and secondary tissues “you’re only as strong as your weakest link”. Massage promotes healthy tissue giving you flexibility, strength and an improved recovery time. Specific stretches and exercises are given during your treatment plan.

Our Registered Massage Therapists

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