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Registered Massage Therapy is one of the most popular forms of treatment for musculoskeletal injuries/conditions, pain and stress reduction. Massage Therapy (in one form or another) has been around for centuries and is widely practiced world wide. Massage has been shown to be highly effective for managing musculoskeletal pain. But how does it work and why is it so popular?

Massage Therapy can create measurable movement in targeted tissues and structural changes can occur within the tissues in response to Massage. It can also create immediate changes in neurophysiological function including; reduction in inflammatory markers, decreased spinal excitability and pain sensitivity, modification to cortical areas involved in pain processing and stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system (Bialosky et al. 2017). What does this all mean? Well massage therapy can help improve movement and function within your muscles and connective tissue, it can decrease pain and by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system it can help you relax.

Another benefit of massage therapy is the treatment of trigger points. Following trigger point therapy studies have shown increased parasympathetic activity. This can lead to regional perfusion (Takamoto et al. 2009Morikawa et al. 2017 ) which is though to improve oxygen delivery to muscles, encouraging the removal of cellular exudates and drainage of metabolic waste (Moraska et al. 2013).

Are you an athlete or weekend warrior? Well massage can help you to. Introduction of mechanical forces (massage) altering molecular pathways leads to enhanced tissue growth, modeling, remodeling and/or repair (Thompson et al. 2016). Simply put, massage therapy can help you both prepare and recover from strenuous activity (working out or sports) and enhance the bodies adaptation to that activity. This is one reason why many pro sports teams or professional athletes employ massage therapists.

Compared to other types of treatment Massage Therapy is cost effective and is rarely associated with serious complications. Studies have shown massage therapy to be effective in reducing low back pain, shoulder pain and cervical pain both at rest and during activity. When a multidisciplinary approach focused on massage therapy, exercise and education is used the results have shown to be even better than massage therapy on its own. If you would like to find out more or to book an appointment contact us we would be happy to hear from you!

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Keegan Marshall CPT, CES, FNS

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